You + Sam

Ever heard anyone in your world say, “What in the Sam Hill……?” This is usually uttered when people are dumbfounded, bewildered and amazed at what they see before their eyes. Several urban myth stories claim the beginning of the “Sam Hill” reference, citing various gentlemen, one of whom in the early 1800s swore quite colorfully, another who interceded in the 1887 Hatfield & McCoy feud, and yet another who opened a 1900s mercantile store with –  ehrmm, quite –  unusual inventory.

Whether one or all three existed, our historical Sam Hills all had one thing in common: They were each remembered for their uncanny and uncommon uniqueness.

So it goes, then, with those rugged, relentless individuals who don an item of clothing from the Sam Hill line. They are uncanny, uncommon, extremely unique. What they do in their everyday lives bewilders and amazes the masses. These are the people we built the Sam Hill line of merchandise for.